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Phi Merges the History of Qi Hardware: From Open Computer to Bitcoin Mining

Ulva haagarphora (2020) by JP Renaud.

Photo of Artwork by JP Renaud, Ulva haagarphora (2020) from Qi Hardware’s Cryptology Shenzhen.

Today Fabricatorz Foundation and Qi Hardware Granted Qi Hardware, Qiware, Cryptology and the history of the project to Phi.

“The Qi Hardware project is not only the roots of Open Hardware, but also the roots of Bitcoin Mining,” said Jon Phillips, CEO of Phi.

Qi Hardware released the first Open Computer, the Ben Nanonote. Then, Qi Hardware made an original product the MilkyMist which contained an FPGA System-on-Chip, an Open Processor design.

Qi Hardware’s primary heavily documented work spanned 2009 until 2011.

“While the early work of Qi Hardware is written down, the evolution of the hardware stack down to the software running inside nearly every Proof-of-Work Miner comes from Qi Hardware,” said Phillips.

If you participated in this history or are interested, please get in contact. The story is unfolding:

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