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For a couple of years, LIMINAL provided Proof-of-Work hardware sales, services and data center solutions globally, with emphasis on balancing trade between China and the United States.

We served customers, launched products and worked behind the scenes bridging cultures and adapting to rapid global changes. This period has been an in-between or “liminal” space.

Behind the scenes, we began building a Bitcoin and Ethereum fullnode hardware prototype. We also worked on another Bitcoin ASIC chip and miner.

In December 2022, a tweet from Jack Dorsey about the Nostr Protocol sparked transformation. Nostr brought a social component to the Bitcoin community and some key technology innovations which we could improve with hardware.

We’ve been hard at work. And, its time to share more 🙂

First, we are changing our name to Φ Phi.

Phi is the Golden Ratio = Balance.

Phi balances:

  • Open versus Closed
  • Fast-to-Market versus Consumer-ready
  • Eastern manufacturing versus Western marketing
  • Freedom versus Functionality

Second, we want to hear from you. How may we work together?

Why are we sharing this now?

First, we donated several key pieces of Bitcoin mining history to the Bitcoin Mining Museum including the first Bitcoin ASIC Miner, the silver Canaan Avalon1. We were excited to see our friends raise money to support the Museum by auctioning off the non-rare black Canaan Avalon1. Truly amazing now that Bitcoin mining history is appreciating in value as artifacts. We look forward to more reveals as the history of Proof-of-Work is written down.

Second, the work “on another Bitcoin asic chip and miner” had a public result. As part of Phi, LIMINAL will stay as our brand that defines sales, service and support of Bitcoin-related technology including future Proof-of-Work semi-conductor “chips”.

Finally, the deep and rapid changes coming from Generative Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) inspires us to focus. While there is already daily accelerating improvements from this innovation, AI is the most centralized technology ever with most tech using hidden data sources, closed source software and “black box” algorithms not at all pro-human free will. Several people say that AI will be bigger than the Internet. While, others are concerned about how it might go wrong.

Phi is optimistic about the future of humanity. Phi is Sovereign Computing. We build technology to support you on your pursuit of free will to prosper and support your friends, family and communities.

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